Why choose Vast?

[ut_service_box color=”#ffffff” background=”#ffffff” opacity=”0.2″ icon=”fa-clock-o” headline=” Great Value” width=”third” last=”false”]Before we start your web design we take the time to understand your product or service to create a strategy that’s best for your business. And the best part is all Vast sites come with extras you may pay for elsewhere like CMS, assistance with copy, and photography, essential SEO and much more. Even better is you’ll find our prices more competitive![/ut_service_box]

[ut_service_box color=”#ffffff” background=”#ffffff” opacity=”0.2″ icon=”fa-globe” headline=”Cracking Designs” width=”third” last=”false”] Because we love web design, we’ll build you a beautiful, unique website and not a basic off the shelf  “just add photos and words” template! Because there are so many options available for your customers these days it is essential to provide all your products and information in an easy to navigate and clear website. A website that is interesting enough to hold the viewers attention. [/ut_service_box]

[ut_service_box color=”#ffffff” background=”#ffffff” opacity=”0.2″ icon=”fa-umbrella” headline=”SEO” width=”third” last=”true”] All our sites are built with essential SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) elements. What’s the good of having a beautiful website if nobody sees it? In 2012 Google introduced it’s new Penguin algorithm designed to decrease artificially generated search engine rankings which makes your proper SEO strategy more effective.  We also offer an advanced SEO package. [/ut_service_box]